Which is the website for searching Dental Jobs, Dental Locum in India?

India has one of the highest number of dentists, an average 2 lac dentist practicing in India which is increasing by 30,000 every year.Like exponential growth rate of dentists their is also exponential growth in Online Dentist users in India , about 70% of dentist are Online and use WhatsApp &Facebook as source for connecting themselves with each other. With growth of Online culture their is always a need for reliable connectivity within the dentist themselves from dental students to dental practitioners and dental consultants through out India.

Searching for various web and android platform for dentists in India till date for Dental jobs, Dental locum, Dental consultations in India we find general classifieds websites in India like quikr.com, indeed.co.in, shine.com, naukri.com which have small section for dentistry and are mixed (not focused only for dental field only). These websites are more for general populations. These difficulties and limitations has lead the need for more focused websites for connecting Indian dentists only. Looking at theses parameters two websites have been working to get all dentists united and help them connect.


First and to the point website is www.searchdent.com which provides Dental locum , dental consultation and dental jobs in India has good dynamic website and App all for free, second website is dentistfriend.com which is simple website where you can post dental job vacancies on the other hand SearchDent.com is a multi-lateral platform where one can post Job vacancies, list one self as a Locum, Consultant or a Practitioner .It also has an App ( in Google PlayStore ) so it is very easy to use and reliable platform to connect all Indian dentists through Listings. SearchDent does not require any login making it most user friendly and the privacy of phone numbers can be maintained.

Comparing at all the features, support, and App facility www.searchdent.com is currently the best Free dental jobs, locum, consultation platform in India.

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