*Every Dr has to pay Professional tax right from 2years of Registration…. till age of 65 yr.
*Currently Professional Tax is payable @ Rs 2500/year. Every year(Apr to Mar) due date is 30 June….after that interest @ 1.25% per month.
* Currently AMNESTY SCHEME is open till 30 Sep 2016….under which u can pay PT only for proceeding 3 yrs (2500×3=7500) and furget worry. Otherwise if PROFESSIONAL OFFICIALS exposed u to be Defaulter… the he can recover PT for 7 yrs2500×7=17500+ Interest+Penalty… Then Why to worry..
*For registration in PT is online, simple & user friendly.
*We need not depend on any other expert/ca to pay …we can pay online ….very simple preocedure.
* So To be tension free we have to pay PT as IT.
* For online Regn
visit www.mahavat. ( keep ready pan no, Add proof-electrycity bill, bank ac with IFSC code, Mob no, email I D).
*If you have not enrolled till today PLZ ENROLL . FOR MORE INFORMATION🔻visit www.mahavat.

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